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wahoo, an update!

yes! I need to do demihumans in a future appendix too

Hi.  Is there a version that isn't auto set as spreads


absolutely killer work! i’d love a D: Demihumans somewhere down the line, to see your take on making em playable <3


thanks, theres actually some stuff about dwarves at least in the optional classes at the end of bastards pearlescent. elves and such should be easy enough to make along that same framework


This is sick


Will this be available in physical format at Exalted Funeral or Spear Witch?


at some point yes

Thanks for confirming!


will this be part of the 2023 gamepass?

it already should be

Deleted 2 days ago
Deleted 2 days ago

sorry, just wanted to double-check — is this added on the 2023 Game Pass? i see A-C but not D-F.

no, since this was made after 2023 i decided to not add it to the game pass

i understand, thank you.