Physical Copies Now Available

Bastards. Pearlescent is now available in physical form at Spear Witch!


bastards pearlescent edition.pdf 3 MB
Aug 03, 2022
bastards character sheet.pdf 7 kB
Aug 03, 2022
bastards legacy.pdf 2 MB
Aug 04, 2022
A Simple Dungeon legacy.pdf 3 MB
Aug 04, 2022

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Just found out about the physical copies and bought it immediately! Can’t wait to convince my friends to play this with me.

will there be another print run? Missed out on this. :(


there should be another in progress rn, but if you're not in the US you can also order from Monkeys Paw Games and Igloo Tree I believe

hey, thanks! Yeah, I’m in the US. I’ll keep an eye out on Spear Witch. :)