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I also bought this before but can't download. And the link to the old version isn't available either. Wants me to buy it again.


unfortunately it's not available anymore, you'll probably have to pirate it


I'm a bit confused.

I bought this months ago and finally have a chance to check it out!  When I try to download, I'm directed to the download page for my account, but I get a "nothing to download" error.


unfortunately i removed the old bastards. files to phase in the pearlescent edition (which has more stuff and fixes to the original rules).

the old version is still available on that page alongside the new one


I also have this issue, and I'm not sure where to download the version I bought with the "TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas!" bundle.

Probably missing something right in front of my face, I'm sure... Can you tell me more about how to download the original version?



I deleted it. the file is available for download alongside the new version by following the link above


When I checked out the link, it seemed the only way I could download would be if I purchased the new version? I should be able to download the original version without spending more, yes?


I removed the file because I didn't want people buying from this page anymore

I don't know of a way to keep the file but having it unlisted so yeah the only way is to get it again or find it on a pirate site somewhere


I have never loved a system more than this. I need this in print! 


I don't quite get combat. You roll under your stat but over your opponent's AC? So, what AC ranges do you use?

if they're unarmored, you don't roll over anything.

Armor only goes up to 4, so at best you're trying to roll over a 4.

OK, thanks.


A ghoulish adventure I cobbled together over the weekend


Bought! Nice work.


character sheet, MADE


Love the game. I couldn't help but noticing there is no character sheet, so I took it upon myself to make one.


Really Nice work ! Any character sheet somewhere perhaps to playtest ?


oh a character sheet would be nice! there's really no one page that fits everything you need for character creation tho


This is neat - clean layout, elegant! Kind of standard mechanics - neat spellcasting, cool Luck mechanic, nice magical item list