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Micah, we finished mastering the AP we did for this and this was the only way we could get a hold of you because Twitter's a dook-hole.  Players absolutely loved the system, had a blast, well worth the cost and then some.  We'd be happy to link you to the advanced copies of the episodes in an email or something if you want to hear them, it releases Jan 5th '24 on our pod!

that sounds great! I'm also on Instagram @micaholism

Just bought a physical of this, and just in time. I'll be running this at my middle school's dance/social that I am chaperoning for. I cannot wait to get building my station and monster for them!


Very nice material; simple system yet in-depth scenario-making.

Just one sidenote that might need errata: the game states a target number and you're successful if you roll higher and fail if you roll lower, but it is never said if hitting the exact number counts as failure or success.

Also, I'll be making a fillable sheet which I'll post here.


Yes please to that fillable sheet :D

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This looks really awesome. Any chance we can get a form-fillable character sheet PDF for online games?