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Another tiny RPG for the Index Card Game Jam! Based on the fantasy game Dagger!, this game takes you across the ruined Wastes of the Earth, hunting terrible creatures, avoiding bandits, and scavenging the technology of the past.

Everything is based on rolling a single d6.

Included within: a gear list, randomly generated mutations, point-buy stats.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorMicah Anderson


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Cute 👹

If you wish to play as the chainsaw instead of as the mutant, change this:

you’re dead. The wastelands claim another.

to this:

you’re idling. Roll to be picked up before you run out of fuel.

and this:

If you are hurt, you can regain d6 MEAT with a successful Loremaster roll.

to this:

With a succuss, you immediately begin to pilot that mutant.

Resource: Everything Is Alive interviewing Josh the Chainsaw.