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In a town not so far away, a child was born.

A sweet little boy with perfect dimples and curly hair, and two little horns growing from his forehead.

Naturally, the Church can't stand for this, so you've been tasked with disposing of the child in some way that can't be traced back to them. They can't give you money (the paper trail, you understand,) but if some of their more unpopular relics went missing, no one would look for them.


A dark companion adventure to Nate Treme's What Child Is This, Child of Darkness is system agnostic so compatible with all editions of your favorite role playing games.

It includes an anti-Christ baby, some new spells, a hexcrawl, and encounters.


How to fold Child of Darkness.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorMicah Anderson
Tags5e, baby, dnd, evil, fifth-edition, Hexcrawl, OSR, tunnel-goons


Buy Now$6.66 USD or more

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any chance of a print-friendly variant?

also noticed a small typo under the first hex key result: “the dead have slowly rising…”

Not sure if it should be “are slowly” or “risen.”

Thanks for making this; looks like a blast!


A surprisingly well developed scenario for such a small space. The typeface choices here are on point!