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The inaugural issue of a new space-fantasy zine for journeying between spheres, Hexdrive will feature new backgrounds, artifacts, spells, ships, nebulae, monsters, and anything else to be found in the cold astral sea.


Volume 1 contains the Pilot's Almanac, a how-to guide for new stellanauts, 6 new Golden Barge frames, and 6 new Backgrounds.


Words and Layout by Micah Anderson

Edited by Fiona Geist

Art by Anxiety Wizard

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
AuthorMicah Anderson
Tagsdnd, hexdrive, jammer, OSR, science-fantasy, spell, stars, Troika, wars, zine


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Very cool! Nails the spacefaring swashbuckling sci-fantasy I've been looking for since I first read Troika, glad I stumbled on it.

This zine is absolutely fantastic I can't believe I lived this long playing Troika without it. I love the retro-futuristic aesthetics and the additional rules and all of the stuff implied!

Will community copies for this issue be ever refilled? I missed this issue when it came out and I'd love to get it :)


Oh wow! I really appreciate it! I'll dive in right away! Thank you so much!

This is an excellent little zine. I bought a physical copy but now I don't know where I bought it from and want to mention it on my podcast. Were you selling it through Spear Witch or Exalted Funeral before?

NM. Found it. I bought it at Rooks Press. https://www.rookspress.com/products/hex-drive


Amazing! I printed it out and maybe i'll use it for some troika campaign. Great job!

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Every time I look at this, I am both soothed by its chill and calming aesthetic, and enraged at how good it is.

A more streamlined and lighter take on traversing the Humpbacked Sky.

PROBABLY COMPATIBLE with Aetherjack's Almanac.