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Once, the hyphae of a simple forest fungus matted together and formed a vast organism. Its thoughts were syrupy, geological, based on simple needs like accruing moisture and nutrients. Over the ages, the fungus grew and grew, seeing from afar the timelapse speed of civilizations growing and fading from its forest’s shores, saw the first forays into the humpbacked skies. It developed means of communication, learned of capital, saw confidence games enacted on rubes. It, in its primitive ways, realized that it had discovered even easier means of propagation and longevity.

Eventually the people of this forested sphere grew wise to the fungus’s tricks and forced it out of the gravity well at fusil- and pitchfork-point, to spread its con throughout the galaxy. They all sighed and shook their heads, tossing their fungus-infected tokens into fires and gutters.

The fungus was never seen again but its insidious influence continues to this day, hair-filament ruses and scams proliferating beyond simple communication among the galaxy’s back alleys and MLM boardrooms. Those who have been scammed curse its nameless concept, whispering reassurances that they were duped because of its overwhelming chessmaster intelligence, that it must feed off of their money, their belief, their luck.


An anti-NFT dungeon for Hexdrive.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorMicah Anderson
Tagscrypto, fungus, grift, hexdrive, OSR, scifi, Troika


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